The Recipe


Jonathan always wanted to come up with a blog name that portrayed its purpose. Unfortunately when it took him a while to discover this. Scotch egg media  is similar to scotch eggs in the sense :

The yolk:  The core content that makes up Scotch egg media is design, art , graphics, photography and any form of creative content or inspiration worth sharing .

The white: The content here is just not restricted to the web alone. But stretches  from print media to verbal inspiration, to campaigns, blogs, experiences, events, people and even food !

The mince: Every word is wrapped either as a case study, tutorial, video post, slideshow, guest post, review or project.

The breadcrumbs : Highlights various technologies, trends and creative & innovative tools used to deep fry the content to golden brown perfection.

Thats about how he sums it up. Scotch egg media lets him combine his three areas of passion, ART – TECHNOLOGY- SOCIAL WEB. Scotch egg media promises to deliver interesting content. Constantly on the hunt for creative work, Scotch egg media will always find a way to hook you into the content through various tutorials, reviews, projects and even just plain awesome images!
Jonathan’s wish is that this blog may reach out and inspire all those who share a similar passion for creativity and innovation . He wants it to develop into an unconventional stream for inspiration and learning.
Hope you enjoy what Scotch Egg Media has to offer. If you don’t like Scotch egg media, then humm atleast you can try making some real scotch eggs then.


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