Design in Charity

Does design play a role in  charity?  

Why would you need to consider design if you plan to bring a change, make an impact. reach out? The idea is simple. The people (target) whom you plan to help, need you (initiator). But the people(source) whom you are looking at for help, don’t really know about you or your plan. Now that’s where, along with long-term planning and organisational structuring  you need design. Yes, you may have the best concept or the plan that can change the world. But if it doesn’t connect with the people, you are going no where. This something universal that applies to any idea. Now that’s where you want design. Design is going to connect the target with the source. And to make it happen is the initiator’s job. You need to visually connect your audience to its target. If you portray the correct message via the most appropriate visuals, I am sure you can establish a connection. Helping a nonprofit is a heart warming feeling that designers would be glad to fulfill! Target the source with simple colors, fonts, graphical elements, and navigation which will increase usability. remember keep your message short, hit the mark and keep it  simple. You don’t want them to get lost.

Where does Design come in ?

Right from the organisations or non profits logo, to its cause, to its website, everything needs a touch of design. It’s the visuals that often convey and convince. How many times have you donated via an online website? Probably never or maybe a couple of times. The idea is to convey the message, show them the real cause, tell them what they can do and keep them in the loop. Not an easy task, but yet it needs to be done.

I am currently interning with a non-profit youth organisation called Rock For A Cause  As their creative and production head I am responsible for all the print and web creatives. Since the past few months I have been busy working with a few  designers  and coders to revamp their current website. While at it, I discovered these beautiful non-profit websites that really hit the mark. These are brilliant examples of how to do, and what to do with a website.