Creative commercials 2011

                    As this year of 2011 draws to an end, I figured why not do a post on  some of the most creative audio/visual content that hooked us through commercials. The advertisement industry  has seen various creative strategies to develop Television commercials this year. From advanced VFX to musicals to even awesome Cinematography. I am not here judging any successful or failed advertisements. All this post aims at is to enjoy some of these great commercials and brands. These are some of the advertisements that I personally  appreciate. Love the concept and execution of these advertisements. I may have no knowledge of creating commercials but just plain appreciation for various concepts, and technical aspects gone into them. Hope I haven’t missed any. Go enjoy.

Hippo Munchies





Coca Cola

Indigo Airlines

Titan HTSE

Harley Davidson

 Levis Jeans



Range Rover – Evoque

If I did miss any, leave a comment and will add it to the post. Good luck and all the best for 2012.

Brand & Identity Design different?

A brand and an identity are two sides of the same coin. Both play a crucial role in development and establishment of a business presence. However evolution of both design follow different paths. How does brand design differ from identity design? Well its like an ice cream. The ice cream flavor is your identity, where as the cone or cup is your brand. To make it simple,


Identity design is  creation of visuals and content that represents a company or concept. In the most simplest form – a logo. It can be extended to slogans, taglines or as simple as a purpose or idea. Identity design involves developing content that conveys and portrays the company. It can be viewed at various stages.

  • Birth of a company/business
  • Re-branding
  • Campaigns, Product & Merchandise development
Birth of a company:
It is during this phase that a character in terms of visual content and media is developed. Basic identity requirement is a logo or simply the company name that stands out. Including a tagline will help deliver the message to the masses in a glance. This phase requires crucial thought process and a good team of designers to take a though and put it into a digital loop.

Evernote Identity  logo process :  view

Rebranding is the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of them for an established brand with the intention of developing a differentiated (new) position in the mind of stakeholders and competitors. In short a make over. ReBranding is not simple. Its very difficult and important as it has to take on a new look but at the same time me recognizable by its already established audience.

Products & Merchandise:
Sometimes  a company may need to develop not only a web content but also merchandise and promotional matter. This are of identity design may range from packaging designs to hoardings to even uniforms! Each company develops products that portray the company’s identity which most importantly needs to be unique. The design of such products should be simple and eye catching so that over a period of time, audience can recognize a company not by its logo but instead by its product design, advertisement or packaging design.

Example :


 Brands are more like a concept. A brand image is actually how people see think and feel about your company. Brand image is built from direct involvement, transactions, customer stories, testimonials , people’s experience,feedback, memories and interaction. At the end of the day a brand is created not only by the stakeholders but by the audience and consumers at large. A brand is an identity that gradually develops. It takes various strategies and campaigns to take a brand from mere web presence to develop it into a web experience that encourages user interaction. Once a company is a well established brand users not only have visuals of its identity but remember it a memory of a past experience. Brands are built through good and bad, successful and failed campaigns. The main concept in Brand design is developing an identity that is enriched with user interaction and feedback. It should ask less from a user and offer more. It should leave them coming back for more. Brand design often requires various tools and support systems for its growth:

  • Promotions backed by a digital media agency
  • Campaigns designed by creative agencies
  • Social media for online presence
  • Constant support presence online & offline
  • Virals and creative advertisement strategies

Apart from all this a brand truly succeeds if they live up to their promise. If you promise to deliver, you better the the mark. No user is obligated to a brand. In today’s competitive environment, “better” is nothing. “Different” is whats in style. No one wants a better brand for the same product. Your target audience need to feel the need to come back.For example a user may have different experiences on different shopping sites.  Personally I find it more easier to shop on Flipkart than Ebay or Amazon. Reason being, flipkart has a minimalistic user interface and clear navigation with minimum unwanted content on pages. Also the various discounts and modes of payment like COD attract a user over and over again.
A brand will constantly develop. Its not a fixed period of development phase. It evolves with every customer, client, sale and failure. Every brand should constantly engage with its audience to understand its changing needs and trends.Once a brand drops its audience, making the figure rise will involve a lot of  client trust building process.The brand design process is subjected to constant changes. There is no fixed format or chalked out plan.

Checkout how some of these brands engage with their audience :

Hippo  baked munchies :
Threadless T-Shirts :
Axe :