Meet the chef


Jonathan Pimento is a young freelance graphic artist and computer engineer in the making. He started this blog 2 years ago to share his love and passion for all things tech and art. What began with simple photoshop tutorials finally turned in to Scotch Egg Media on the Christmas of 2011. Jonathan is very passionate about digital media. Right from web and graphic design to various digital marketing strategies to social media campaigns and even design and technology speakups/ conferences, he wants it all. He loves venturing into brand identity design, photoshop manipulations to various other print and web content.

He always wanted to find that stream that lets him share his love for art, thirst for technology and urge to share with the world. He is a social web enthusiast and hopes to someday he lands up in a job that demands his creativity and skills to be channelized to develop creative and innovative content for the web and print industry.

Till then he hopes to use scotch egg media to inspire the masses one bite at a time !

Contact me :

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