Adobe Photoshop Cs 6

                For the last few weeks, the Photoshop team has been giving us some sneak peeks of the latest version of Photoshop. The latest version of Photoshop is due to be released in the first half of 2012.  So far a total of 5 sneak peekhave been released. Here is a quick overview what Adobe’s latest version of Photoshop Cs6 will have to offer.

Sneak peek #1 – Camera Raw 7
Sneak peek #2 – Performance Upgrade + Liquify tool 
Sneak peek #3 – Line drawing improvement (Dotted and dashed lines)
Sneak peek #4 – Advance content aware and copy 
Sneak peek #5 – Migrating presets, work space and tool settings + JDI
Sneak peek #6 –  New Blur tool & Options          (Updated March 2012)
Sneak peek #7 –  Enhanced 3D capabilities         (Updated 16 March 2012)

Sneak Peek #1 

Camera Raw 7 upgrade

In this video taken straight from the laptop of our Senior Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, get an early look at some of the things the Photoshop team is working on for Camera Raw.


  • Camera Raw 7
  • Interface Color Adjustment

Sneak Peek #2 

Performance Upgrade

Get an early look at a popular Facebook fan request – background save and the most powerful liquify tool ever, from Photoshop Product Manager, Zorana Gee.


  • Background Save
  • Liquify tool Upgrade

Sneak Peek #3 

Line tool Upgrade

Product Manager, Zorana Gee, gives a hint at what’s to come – creating dashed and dotted lines with just one click in Photoshop. A top requested feature brought to life!


  • Dashed & Dotted lines in just one click

Sneak Peek #4

Advanced Content aware technologies (My personal favorite)

See more advanced features of Photoshop Content-Aware technology. Straight from Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes, this video shares how to seamlessly move or remove an object from an image.


  • Improved Content aware fill (Determine source & destination)
  • Advanced content aware fill – Extend & Move Fill

Sneak Peek #5

Migrating presets , work-space and tool preferences + Developments in JDI

Get a peek of what sharing presets will be like in the future. We’ve also addressed dozens of requests from our Photoshop community, called “just do its” or JDIs. Submit your feedback at


  • Easy migration of settings and work space from Cs 5 to Cs6
  • New improved shortcuts for layer duplication
  • Improved label color feature for layers
  • New JDI request included
Contact Sheets and improved PDF settings (Bring back )

Sneak Peek #6

Blur tool upgrade and development
Photoshop’s new Blur Gallery, Photoshop Product Manager, Stephen Nielsen demonstrated the new Iris Blur effect, a feature that will help you to simulate depth of field in a photo. 



  • Blur tool updates
  • Bokeh options

Sneak Peek #7

3D enhancement and development
See the 3D capabilities to come in Photoshop CS6 Extended, including enhanced performance and the ability to change the position, color, material, shadow, and light source of a 3D image.


  • Complete revamp and upgrade of 3D capabilities.

Apart from these sneak peaks, here are a few Hidden gems in Photoshop. Go check them out. Hopefully this post shed enough light on all the new features Adobe plans to pack in the upcoming release of Photoshop Cs6 in 2012. However to my disappointment, I have yet not seen any AUTO SAVE feature! (Long awaited ) So is the upgrade worth the cost, I would say its too early to say. But hell yeah Cs6 has definitely a punch packed in.
Also Adobe organised a couple of Photoshop events in NYC. Here are a few unseen features that were also revealed . Go check them out – NYC Event 2012
As Photoshop adds more Sneak peeks, I shall keep re blogging this post. So stay tuned for more exciting news and upgraded tools & feature releases of Photoshop Cs6.

Finally the much awaited –  Adobe releases Photoshop CS6 Beta. Go ahead and download it now!


Montreal Meets 2012

Just a year back, I stumbled upon Montreal Meets 2011 tweets via James White (Signalnoise) and Fabio Sasso (Abduzeedo). This year Aoiro Studio brings Montreal Meets 2012. Go checkout what this design event has to offer.

What is Montreal Meets?

Montreal Meets 2012 is a simple design event planned in Montreal to help connect with the creative world. To create events that will make people get inspired by the design industry. Especially by the people mastering their vision. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn from the people of the industry. It’s their gift to us. It’s our legacy!

Connect. Inspire. Learn.
François Hoang / The Founder

Checkout the AWESOME speakers lined up for #MM2012


So good luck to all those involved in Montreal Meets 2012. Hope you’ll guys have a great time and have some awesome content to share after the event.

Music Art & Tattoo – Katherine Von Drachenberg

High Voltage Tattoo

Someone I have closely followed since a very long time, Kat Von D ! Kat has always been a great source of inspiration for me. As a person who broke free to combine her love for music, art and tattooing, Kat has turned into a prominent figure in the tattoo business. Kat has some crazy tattoos and some serious art work. The very first line in her ‘High way to hell – High Voltage tattoo book ‘  speaks for itself –  “I am a canvas of my experiences”

Born in Mexico and later moved to California Kat’s life story is a complete inspiration for those who live to do what they love most. She has an immense love and passion for music right from Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven to Slayer, AC/DC and Cradle of filth !

Katherine soon developed a strong passion for art in elementary school. It wasn’t long before she was busy sketching  Marilyn Monroe. Soon she discovered punk rock, then got her first tattoo and then dropped out of school. In continuation she found love and then left home and headed to Georgia for her love. Unfortunately since she missed her family, she finally went back home to California . She continued tattooing her friends and soon landed up working at Sin City in a tattoo shop. A year later she moved to her dream city – LA ! There after working with several tattoo shops finally Kat built – Hig Voltage Tattoo!

                                ” LA INK was a positive new beginning. The next thing I knew, all the contracts were signed, and it was time to build my own little empire. The construction of High Voltage Tattoo had begun, and I was ready to start a new family. Finding artist to work with was a lot easier than construction, but in the end it was all worth it – Kat Von D

Kat has come a long way from setting up her dream – High Voltage to Wonderland (Her love for art!) She has always sort a way to combine art music and tattooing! Everything right from the tattoo machines to the shop all reflects her style and passion for music and art. I am a huge fan of not only her work but also her story. Even a post wouldn’t tell it best.

Best told by her – High Voltage Tattoo  After her successful LA Ink show she soon took up a couple of interesting projects. She first set up – Wonderland LA 

Her mission was  – “Wonderland Gallery is a brand new venture by famed tattoo artist Kat Von D. Founded in 2010, Wonderland seeks to bring the art of outsiders, romantics and rebels to its West Hollywood locale. By mixing generations, time periods, fashion, and the rock world, we endeavor to create a new experience for the viewer. It is art you’ve never seen before that nevertheless has a familiar feeling to it.”

She also started something very interesting called #asketchaday – where she posted a photograph of her sketch everyday on twitter. Unfortunately she misplaced her sketch book mid way of the project. However these are some of sketches I liked the most.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kissin’ Dynamite

So here you have it —– my life , my loves, my music and my art. Tattooing is my life, and love is my  higher power.

Tattooing started as an experiment, but then it absorbed me completely. When il tattoo, il put on my music, and fuckin’ listen ———- il listen to my music, and il tattoo. and il get lost in my tattoo.

My skin is a magic mirror that reflects where il have been and now il staring forward into the future——- and its big, bad and beautiful.

  And that’s the way il wanna Rock n Roll !

 Con Amor,

(My favorite extract from the High Voltage Tattoo. Its just gets better and rad with the feather& ink)

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