James White – Signalnoise (Visual artist)

Just yesterday I stumbled across a link on my twitter feed that said – FITC Toronto Back to the future presentation by James White. Woah! I have been following James White  – Signalnoise closely for the past 1 year on twitter. It wasn’t long before I was a fan of his color spectrum, concepts and flare designs. I used to frequently checkout his work on his gallery on his personal website.

James is the one man army who built and runs Signalnoise in Halifax | Canada. Personally I adore his work and style. I have always enjoyed his designs as they had a very unique and creative style. His logo itself speaks so much of his style – The rainbow sun. A few important events that I followed him on were Montreal meets and his recent venture where he generated funds for the victims of Japan by designing a poster which he sold. It ultimately landed becoming the cover for the quake book. James’s work inspires me in so many ways. His designs are fresh, unique, color punched. It was his Japan Poster that inspired me to design a wallpaper which I used to generate funds for the same cause.He takes a lot of inspiration from what he has seen  growing up.Yes so now back to the future. What is it all about. I live in India and after watching it only wish I were in Canada to tell James how awesome he is. In the presentation James cracked up, he covered a lot of topics.Starting with What inspires him.  How does he build his imagination and ideas.What inspires him to design.What helps him to get better and how he looks at work and re creates his master piece.  Most importantly he really put some strong points on for growing and aspiring artist. I personally feel not only designers, visual artist, concept artist should watch this presentation but in fact every person who believes in innovation and creativity.

I personally enjoyed every bit of what James said. It wasn’t long before I flooded my twitter feed with the has-tag #FITC   these awesome ideas by James.I liked the way he explained the birth of Signalnoise. How he pursued his personal projects and tried to combine his love for a subject with the love for what he does. Something as simple as taking sketching into a comic book. He constantly focused on how, self learning was so important. He showed very interesting personal projects that actually landed him clients. An important point  – You don’t need clients to be good at what you do. He stressed on how a personal style is not wrong and how to deal with it. He was very practical in what ever he said. Basic issues like not having time to pursue what you like and how to deal with it. He really put in a lot of effort into this presentation.Loved it.

Some really kicker lines he put out that caught my attention were:

  • Relating your passion to do something with the skills you are developing to build something you enjoy.
  • Do it for the love of creating. Its a powerful weapon.
  • Inspiration – Imagination – Creativity – Innovation.
  • James now talking about how he conceptualized and executed the #HelpJapan Poster which was an epic win.
  •  Your own style is something that happens by accident. Don’t worry go on. James message to upcoming designers!
  • Every designer needs to and go 1 step ahead of it. Fail at it no problem, the place you are trying to go,you don’t need roads. #FITC
It really inspired me to keep moving on with my own style, regardless of failing, but  learning at the same time. He couldn’t have ended of better than saying – ” The place where we are going, we don’t need roads.”
Thank you James, you didn’t deliver a good presentation, but a really awesome and “badass” one.