The Guys who put the ‘DESI’ in Design


Design in India is on a constant treadmill of development since the past years. Initially design in evolved in India as basic art which blended with a little concepts from the west. We had the skill but not the tech. Today it’s a totally different ball game. Though we still look upon the west for opportunities and inspiration, we haven’t copied an entire form of art. In fact we had our own renaissance. Due to the lack of tech support, we extensively developed the hand skill. We may have opened doors to platforms like Illustrator and Photoshop years after evangelist in the west were working wonders with it. Still today, we have an art that we define as our own concepts and ideas. Today we are in power with some of the big design lands like Australia, US and Canada.

Over the past few months I scavenged the internet in search for individuals and organizations that shared the same blood thirsty addiction and love for design. It was hard to come upon many but I did find a few. From individuals to various events and conferences DESIGN in India is no longer a quiet profession. Today everyone from a concept builder, visual artist, graphic designer, brand & identity builder and designers in general are few to come across but great in demand. These are the guys who push doors open and step out of the BOX, so turn your concepts, ideas and startups into a reality all within the Digital space.

Whether you are a amateur or a professional or even a student (Like me) stepping out into the design world is not rocket science. Harnessing the power of Social Media, Online technology and tapping your potential to push your creativity and skill to the next level is what is going to let you leave a foot print.

So in this post what I basically intend to cover is a few interesting concepts and organizations and events I bumped across in my little search for the Guys who put the DESI in Design.

Breeding ground of future artists:


 Fundamental Fest (FDM) – Symbiosis Institute Of Design Pune

The annual design festival of Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), where ideas amalgamate with creative freedom to form a fun filled extravaganza. – @FDMfest

Great opportunities to vent and learn much more about design and art from young folks, talented guys in the business as well as the conferences organised .Right from their event logo to their website, Fundamental has a lot to offer for the budding artist in various forms. I missed it this year but next year will be a sure trip.

RGB Fest – National Institute Of Design (NID)

Students from India’s foremost design and art institutes will come together for a 
three day exchange of ideas and experiences. RGB 2011 will be a platform for inter-
college networking through exhibitions and competitive events. In addition to this
we host a series of unique workshops and interactive sessions with professionals 
and experts in the fields of design and design education. With original work across 
design spheres being shared alongside electrifying performances, RGB 2011 promises 
to be a bigger, better and wackier experience!

RGB reminds us of days where hand drawn illustrations were the tools of trade. With its various events in the Event Nagar RGB has a wide scope of entertainment all arranged for you design freaks

FX School – Mumbai

Right from Photography, to animation and even digital painting FXSchools serves it up on a platter. Recently it was ranked as a top institute for animation in India. Follow their facebook feed and twitter stream for live action from within their fort. Have a peep at their student’s work and get inspired. With some of the best faculty and tech, they are an awesome platform to learn from. Its one of the very few courses that offer Digital Painting. Personally I regularly look up at their site and updates for various courses and student’s work. A very friendly faculty that understands your queries and guides your potential in the right path.

Now for some Design events and competitions

DesignYatra 2011 – Goa

A journey that began in 2006 Designyatra was a journey that we undertook in 2006.The conference celebrates design excellence, provides insights into the future of brand and visual communications while simultaneously bringing together the design and corporate community in India. The conference has been attended by a cumulative audience of more than 8500 people from all over India and around the world.Kyoorius Designyatra is a forum initiated by Kyoorius and guided by top designers and creative heads.Kyoorius is a not for profit organization initiated by Transasia Fine Papers, incepted to fuel a design movement in India. This involves building awareness amongst design buyers (i.e. corporations, organisations and government) of the kind of value design can create to empower business. Kyoorius is identified as the total embodiment of the aspirations of the creatives in India….

Kyoorius  Organiser of Kyoorius Designyatra and publisher of Kyoorius Magazine.Kyoorius is initiated by Transasia Fine Papers to fuel a design movement in India. This involves building awareness amongst design buyers (i.e. corporations, organisations and government) of the kind of value design can create to empower business. Kyoorius Exchange is identified as the total embodiment of the aspirations of the creatives in IndiaKyoorius organises a variety of activities channelised towards instilling a sense of community amongst creative professionals and become a sounding board that resonates the ideas and developments that the community is capable of producing.


 Graphic Competitions 

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