Its raining Photoshop droplets!

What are Droplets?

All you crazy photographers and graphic artist out there… Do you spend hours adjusting, converting and adding water marks to your work? I guess you haven’t discovered “DROPLETS” then! How do you think companies process multiple images with same attributes of image size, resolution, color profile, and frame work? It’s all about batch processing. Photoshop facilitates batch processing of images. That is adding multiple attributes to your image all by dropping them into a droplet.

To work this out you need to be familiar with the actions feature in Photoshop. Actions is a feature in which you record certain steps that you apply to and image and store them for further use. Now droplets are nothing but taking these actions and packing them in a convenient mechanism to use over multiple images.

How does it work?

This is not rocket science at all just follow the steps and save hours and sweat. A droplet when saved will save as a .exe file

Step1: Create an action

If the actions tab is not visible, click on windows and select it from there.

Once you have the actions option click on the icon shown above to select a new action.

Type in a name for the action and leave the rest as it is to the default options.

Hit the Record button.

After this step you need to be really careful. Whatever you do now will be recorded.

To just create a trial action, open up any image, it really doesn’t matter what type.

Now go to the image > mode > Grayscale. This will cause your image to change its color profile to Grayscale. Now click on file> Save as > JPEG. Save it to a desired location. Now its important to stop recording what you have been doing. Go back to the actions dock and click on the stop icon at the bottom.

Now your Photoshop action is ready for batch processing using a droplet.

Step2: Create an Droplet

Click on file> scroll till Automate > Create Droplet.

You will see the following pop out screen. Now enter the following:

1.)    Save Droplet in : Select a location to save the droplet file >> choose Desktop

2.)    Leave set to Default actions

3.)    Click on the Actions dropbox and select the action we just created.

4.)    Destination Folder: Select a folder for the output files. Create a new folder on the desktop called Output and save in           there.

5.)    Leave the rest as it is and click OK on the right.

Your desktop must have something like this:

Now you are ready to use your droplet.

Just in brief: What we have done is basically created a action that converts images to Grayscale and then saves them separately. The action can be used by opening each image individually and then applying the action to it. But now with the droplet you can simply select all the multiple images you want to convert to grayscale and simply drag them over to the Trial.exe icon on the desktop and drop them in it. What will happen is that all these images will automatically convert in Photoshop at a fast rate and save in the Output folder without you having to do anything.
Now enjoy your action at a faster rate. Create droplets to suit your workflow. Record an action where you add a watermark and border or create one in which you compress the image and crop  it to a size. Do whatever you wish and droplet them !


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