Photoshop Cs5 VS Photoshop Cs4

Adobe making a buck on Cs versions?

Photoshop Cs5    VS   Photoshop Cs4

Finally after reviewing several features and going over various content zones and forums, pulling in on either one of the Cs versions was tough. The Cs series is definitely a fully loaded package that caters in an overwhelming manner. With new advanced features and enhanced tools, every version upgrade has a whole new horizon. But is really worth upgrading for a couple off tools? Seriously 3D, till date artist used external softwares to create their 3D matter and worked with effects on Photoshop. At the same time Cs versions have packed a punch so hard that these softwares don’t stand a chance anymore. Every time a Cs version upgrades, it happens in two steps. New and repair. The new deals with the upgrade of the interface tools, brushes, plugins, and blenders. Repair deals with upgrading and enhancing earlier defects in already present tool sets. However Photoshop draws a line very clear with its version. Presently if Cs 5 and Cs4 are in discussion, then Cs 3 is definitely out of the league. Just within an upgrade of 2 versions Cs3 doesn’t stand a chance of comparison with the present two. No matter what the upgrade is or what the tools are, seeing how it caters to the user’s needs and its functionality in terms of how often will it be used plays a more important role.

To break things up, let’s start with what Cs5 offers that Cs 4 and lower versions don’t offer.

Workspace Swap and save (4/5)

Automatically store task-specific workspaces that reflect your workflow, and quickly switch between them. This helps to design a workspace for illustrations and photographs separately and then later use them together over a common project.

Smart selection technology (3/5)

Extract subjects from backgrounds more quickly and accurately, creating realistic composites. Get precise results when making complex selections, remove any image element and see the space fill in almost magically, and create stunning photo-realistic or surreal HDR images. Select specific areas within an image in fewer clicks. Easily select intricate image elements, such as hair; eliminate background color around selection edges; and automatically vary selection edges and perfect masks using new refinement tools. Very handy in cutting out images from background.

Content-aware filling and healing (5/5)

Easily remove image elements and replace them with content that seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, Remove any image detail or object and watch as Content-Aware Fill magically fills in the space left behind. This breakthrough technology matches lighting, tone, and noise so it looks as if the removed content never existed. Really outstanding and scraps away headache of using the patch tool.


Apply greater tone-mapping power, creating high dynamic range images that range from photorealistic to surreal. Or apply an HDR look to standard images with the HDR Toning adjustment.Take advantage of realistic painting effects, mixing colors on the canvas and simulating bristles to produce results that rival traditional painting media. Create photo-realistic or surreal HDR images with unprecedented speed, control, and accuracy. Get better-than-ever results thanks to automatic ghost removal and greater control with tone mapping and adjustments, and even give single-exposure photos the look of HDR.

Puppet Warp Feature

Radically transform specific image areas, while anchoring others in place. Precisely reposition any image element to create a more visually appealing photo. For example, easily straighten an arm that’s bent at an awkward angle. This feature really blows it away. No words to explain the boundaries this tool has broken.

Automated lens correction

Quickly fix distortion using installed profiles of popular lenses, or custom profiles of additional models. Save time with automatic correction of lens distortions, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. Photoshop CS5 uses an image file’s EXIF data to make precise adjustments based on the type of camera and lens you used .

Easy extrusions with 3D repoussé (3/5)

Convert 2D text and artwork into 3D objects, and then extrude and inflate their surfaces.Something that Photoshop really need to get.

Enhanced 3D performance, workflow, and materials

Quickly optimize performance with dedicated 3D preferences. Get faster previews and rendering with the improved Adobe Ray Tracer. Promises minimum time in waiting to transform for a preview, but subjected to supporting hardware.

Integrated media management to publish and share

Take advantage of improved watermarking, web galleries, and batch processing in Adobe Bridge CS5. Access assets directly in Photoshop using the Mini Bridge panel.

Remove noise in high ISO images while preserving color and detail. Add creative effects like film grain and post-crop vignetting. Or precisely sharpen images with minimal artifacts.

New GPU-accelerated features

Harness increased hardware power with features like brush previews, a color sampler ring for the Eyedropper tool, and a Rule Of Thirds grid for the Crop tool.

Faster performance with cross-platform 64-bit support

Complete day-to-day imaging tasks at least 10% faster on 64-bit versions of Mac OS and Windows. Engine Speed up day-to-day imaging tasks and process very large images up to ten times faster by taking advantage of cross-platform 64-bit support. (Requires a 64-bit-capable computer with a 64-bit version of Mac OS, Microsoft® Windows® 7, or Windows Vista®. Actual performance varies depending on amount of RAM, driver types, and other factors.)

Other Features:

  • Create layers by dragging files from Windows or Mac OS. (4/5)
  • Straighten images with the Ruler tool.
  • Protect detail with the Sharpen tool.(4/5)
  • Apply a graduated neutral density filter.
  • Reverse the direction of a clone source.
  • Customize defaults for layer styles.
  • Paste in the same relative location, or into or outside selections. Store image-specific print settings.

Now getting down to what Cs 5 offered in comparison to Cs 4:

Cs5                           Cs4

Additive grain in Adobe Camera Raw NEW yes no
Automatic lens correction NEW yes no
Straighten Image tool NEW yes no
Adjustments panel ENHANCED yes yes
Camera Raw adjustments for TIFF and JPEG yes yes
Noise removal in Adobe Camera Raw ENHANCED yes yes
HDR imaging ENHANCED yes yes
B&W conversion ENHANCED yes yes
Industry-leading color correction yes yes
Maximum creative impact
Truer Edge selection technology NEW yes no
Color decontamination for selections NEW yes no
Selection and mask refinement tools NEW yes no
Content-Aware Fill NEW yes no
Mixer Brush NEW yes no
Bristle Tips NEW yes no
Puppet Warp NEW yes no
Content-Aware Scaling yes yes
Fluid canvas rotation yes yes
Ultra-smooth zoom and pan yes yes
Extended depth of field yes yes
Creative content (shapes, styles, swatches, and so on) ENHANCED yes yes
Auto-alignment of layers yes
Auto-blending of images yes yes
Quick Selection tool yes yes
Productivity boosts
Adobe Mini Bridge NEW yes no
Adobe CS Review, part of Adobe CS Live online services* NEW yes no
Paste in place NEW yes no
64-bit support Mac and Windows Windows only
Multitouch support Mac only Mac only
Custom panels ENHANCED yes yes
Tabbed interface with self-adjusting panels yes yes
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® integration ENHANCED yes yes
Powerful printing options ENHANCED yes yes
Broad file format support ENHANCED yes yes
Mobile device support yes yes
High-resolution web display yes yes
Powerful extensibility ENHANCED yes yes

Finally to the point who wins? Theoretically Cs5.But get down to user facts. Yes from the point of Photography tools Cs5 is worth the buck. With a hand full of new tools that really burn this version to glory, the rest all require a strong backing with the hardware. Considering the system requirement and technical aspects Cs5 may just cut off at this point. Stability will be major issues on junior systems. For a universal upgrade to such high Technical standards may take some time. Also this version sees a lot of features to support final processing and imaging. In addition to that certain tools like the puppet wrap and intelligent background filling Cs4 gets nailed. But finally Cs4 or Cs5?

It’s Cs5.Not because of the advanced 3D aspects but because of the major processing support and enhanced plugin service upgrade it provides. With all the final processing made more easier to link with Bridge and Lightroom,Cs5 deserves the spot light for now.

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Courtesy :Adode , Brusheezy and dedicated Adobe Photoshop forums

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