Free Lancers: Loaded with problems deal with it!

Dealing with time constrains,pressure,lack of creativity and ideas can be deadly killers.A free lancer must know how to tackle these barriers to retain the creative link and manage to push it beyond normal arena of thoughts.Dealing with clients requires you to have knowledge of the market and tricks of  the trade.This post shortlist the remedies of some common problems and source to various others in this field.

The One hour block technique

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Being a designer is great. You get to spend all day being creative—that is, of course, if you have all day to spend and are feeling inspired. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re completely devoid of ideas, which can be demoralizing, especially when it affects your profit and stress levels………..(view full article)

Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms

This glossary includes all the technical and business terms in the book, Getting it Printed, copyright © 1993 by Mark Beach. Used by permission of North Light Books, a division of F&W Publications, Inc. (800) 289-0963. In addition, it has many terms not used in the book but which are part of the graphic arts lexicon. Definitions are abbreviated from those in my book Graphically Speaking, which also includes terms about type, design and products………(view full article)

FreeLance Switch

FreelanceSwitch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world.

FreeLance folder

FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers

A Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing with Problematic Clients

The client who expects work that is out of the scope of your service:

Sometimes, a client will expect you to perform tasks that are not part of your job description. For example, if your work consists of proofreading documents, and the client expects you to completely rewrite the entire document, you have a problem……(view full article)

Why Being An ‘Average’ Freelancer Might Just Be Enough

As a business-focused freelancer, how do you feel about the area of personal development? Have you found it useful in reaching for success in your freelancing business? Or do you switch off or cringe….(view full article)


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