Playing hand of God:Retouching


In this post I have handpicked some retouched photographs.Retouching today has a wide application and is almost used by everyone today on amateur basis.While beginners play off with Layer mask and then brushing,retouching photographs requires a lot of skill,perception and knowledge of Photoshop.Right from spot healing,cropping,patch to adjustment of highlights and shadows,every artist has his own action set planned.From individual level to professional one’s this field sort great source of income that doesn’t come easy.Pre-conceptions are that retouching is for magazine faces.But however today there are various sites offering  retouching for your personal pictures as well.Its an art most Designers and artist try to grasp,but only the one’s with the perspective vision accomplish.Today learning to retouch photographs is not all that difficult if you know the ABC of Photoshop.Here I have put 3 tutorials to learn retouching.Go ahead an experiment,it’s not all that tough.But always remember to provide a before-after preview to your work .

Breaking it down to the basics

Although there are several ways to retouch photographs,there are elementary steps that are achieved by different artist in different ways.The basic idea of retouching a photograph is not to change the original aspects but to clear the unwanted ones.Right from spots,marks,age lines to dark circles ,retouching is applied for an  overall makeover.


Major spots marks and lines and first removed using the spot healing tool.This tool has to be used with a small brush size to maintain the colour unity of the face.At times where the section is badly affected like a scar or rash the patch tool suits best.However while using a patch tool,care must be taken that the generated patch is within the same shadow or highlighted area.Avoid a distant patch as it gets obvious.


Now adjust the highlights and shadows for Image>Adjustments…Remember never play around with the brightness and contrast unless necessary,since the change overall  image including background.All major and minor areas of fault should be rectified by now.


Now duplicate the layer.Select the underlining layer and apply Gaussian blur  to it.Make sure the basic elements like eyes and lips are visible to a decent respect.


Now add a layer mask to the top layer.Select the layer mask and brush it with a soft brush of opacity 60%.You will now notice a smooth result as the lower Gaussian layer is revealed.

Make sure not to brush the eyes and lips in the mask.It will result in them going blurred.Play around and experiment to suit your level of requirement.

View tutorial demonstrating this method.

1.Tutorial for Beginner

2.Tutorial forAmateur

3.Tutorial for Professional

70 Beauty-Retouching Photoshop Tutorials

photo_retouching_by_amy_dresser.jpg (500×319)

professional photo retouchingphoto editing & retouching

20 Photoshop Mistakes caught!


The biggest blunders in magazines and prints.Some very obvious and some not so. But all have a common link and that’s ignorance to the work.common mistakes like these ruin everything.Artist in a hurry to keep it as natural as possible forget humans have 2 legs and only 2 hands.Here’s a quick preview of some screw-ups.

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Way beyond average manipulations.


Photoshop not  only opened horizons to new techniques of image editing ,but also gave birth to a whole new art of photo manipulations.Plenty of artist are now based on photo manipulations where the push creative thought out into real prints.The ability to go beyond the normal vision and to bring a whole new concept is truely mind blowing.Well definitely time,skill and a mind out the box is some thing you need to nail this art.

30 Best photoshop manipulations with tutorials

Making Of Mystic

Breath taking underwater apartment tutorial

How to Create an Underwater Apartment in Photoshop (Custom)

Floating island tutorial

Floating Island

The Ultimate Photoshop manipulation tutorials

Image Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Free Lancers: Loaded with problems deal with it!

Dealing with time constrains,pressure,lack of creativity and ideas can be deadly killers.A free lancer must know how to tackle these barriers to retain the creative link and manage to push it beyond normal arena of thoughts.Dealing with clients requires you to have knowledge of the market and tricks of  the trade.This post shortlist the remedies of some common problems and source to various others in this field.

The One hour block technique

See full size image

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Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms

This glossary includes all the technical and business terms in the book, Getting it Printed, copyright © 1993 by Mark Beach. Used by permission of North Light Books, a division of F&W Publications, Inc. (800) 289-0963. In addition, it has many terms not used in the book but which are part of the graphic arts lexicon. Definitions are abbreviated from those in my book Graphically Speaking, which also includes terms about type, design and products………(view full article)

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FreeLance folder

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A Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing with Problematic Clients

The client who expects work that is out of the scope of your service:

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“Little People Project” created by Slinkachu


The “Little People Project” is created by Slinkachu. It involves the remodeling and painting of miniature model train set characters. Those tiny models are placed on the streets to form various scenarios. Here are some of the cute images taken. To view more of Slinkachu’s works, click here.

To view the source page click here

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Photoshop-Defragmented for beginners


Here are some of the best Photoshop tutorials,that even a beginner can complete.The level of  skill required is more than Photoshop tool  knowledge.These tutorials are based on basic tools like gradient,blending mode,filters and free transform.They are all clean ideas that can even be modified by the user for better results.

Burning Flower

final2 Tutorial: How to create a burning flower in Photoshop

Face shattering effect

Basics tools and tricks

Glowing text

Breaking it down too easy

Gloomy text effect

Vintage car poster

Brilliant light streaks


Vista wallpaper

Abstract Tutorials 6 in 30 Useful Abstract Photoshop Design Tutorials